The Story Behind 856 Clayton

In 1979 a young San Francisco public school teacher and her husband were looking for a home to buy. They fell in love with the house at 856 Clayton - its beautiful Edwardian architecture and the idyllic street lined with lovely homes.

Aerial view of 856 Clayton and the beautiful Edwardian-style homes nearby

The neighborhood, at that time, was slightly edgy and even a bit rowdy – an echoed refrain of the 1960s Haight Ashbury counter-culture. But the space, style, culture, and prized Redwood tree in the backyard suited perfectly. 

Rear exterior view, showing the large Redwood tree

The home was painted, remodeled, and the tree lovingly trimmed over the years. Friendships, a sense of community, and a love of the nearby outdoor parks grew. And a connection to the neighborhood, which would come to be known as Cole Valley, intensified. 

Dinner parties were hosted, as were women's hiking groups and book clubs…

However, after 43 years, the large home had become more than what was needed. And so, after decades of pride of ownership, I was asked to help create an exit plan.

View of a room with wood ceiling and wonderful natural light

The beautiful home was prepped and staged to boast its unique features in their brightest light. The majestic, 60-foot Redwood tree was carefully trimmed for the last time.

Seven offers later, with a sale price of $3M over the original acquisition price, we found the perfect family of five to buy 856 Clayton. Now it is time for the new owners to write their own story...

Thank you, Sue, for allowing me to join you on this journey.

– JD