Noe Valley

Noe Valley


Once considered the 'outskirts' of San Francisco, Silicon Valley's evolution made this part of the city particularly appealing for those looking for an easy commute. Geared somewhat toward young families— and affectionately called "Stroller Valley" — the organic growth in popularity of this district has had various inspirations. As a neighborhood that can trace some of its roots back to the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake, Noe Valley mixes tech and creatives with healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, and other urban professionals. There are classic Victorian and Edwardian homes and upgraded 'row houses'. This sleepy outer area has become a trendy and upscale zip code in the last thirty years.

One of the many draws to Noe Valley is that it sits below Twin Peaks, a towering hill that partly blocks the coastal fog and icy winds from the Pacific. Noe Valley's microclimate makes the weather usually sunnier and warmer than surrounding neighborhoods.

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Noe Valley's proximity to the Mission means some of the best taquerias in the city! Residents also enjoy sushi, Italian, French, Thai, Middle Eastern, gourmet burgers, and California cuisine, among other delicious options. Two excellent bakeries and a small but well-attended farmer's market make their mark. Lovejoy's Tea Room is of particular note – and people travel from across the Bay Area for high tea and the quaint and very authentic British vibe.

Upper Noe Recreation Center

Upper Noe Recreation Center on Day Street has tennis courts, a basketball court, a baseball field, a dog run, and a popular playground. On Sunday mornings, you might see a group of dads watching toddlers as partners take a yoga class. Weekdays, it's a mixture of parents and nannies; the sunny, relatively warm weather, access to cafes, and public transport is enticing for all.

Noteworthy Mentions: Mark Zuckerberg and his family make their home in Noe Valley, as have other notable people, including Carlos Santana and Lemony Snicket.
St. Paul's Catholic Church, also known as Parroquia De San Pablo, is a famous church located at Church and Valley Street. It was the filming location for the movie Sister Act.


Noe Valley is primarily residential, although there are two bustling commercial strips: one along 24th Street, between Church Street and Diamond Street, and the other, a less dense corridor along Church Street, between 24th Street and 30th Street. BART and other public transportation options, Whole Foods, many restaurants, bookstores, cafes, bars, and shops make the pedestrian lifestyle possible.

Food & Beverage

  • Lovejoy's Tea Room

  • Noe Valley Bakery

  • La Ciccia


Parks & Recreation

  • Douglas Park

  • Upper Noe Recreation Center

  • St. Paul's Catholic Church


Nearby Neighborhoods

  • Mission District

  • Eureka Valley

  • The Castro

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