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Three miles from the beach, laid back and unpretentious, the Inner Sunset is often high on the list of San Francisco's favorite residential neighborhoods, despite the almost guaranteed fog. A vibrant business district, lively culture, excellent public transportation, and proximity to Golden Gate Park are some of the main charms. Until the late 19th century, this area was primarily sand dunes. Many of the first residents were Irish immigrants familiar with fog and chill but not necessarily delighted by the Sunset District's aspirational name. 

Today, the preeminent UCSF Parnassus campus has catapulted this sleepy, sandy suburb into a San Francisco delight. Like most of the city, the area has gentrified, but not at the rate or as blatantly as other San Francisco neighborhoods; it's still in the more affordable range. 

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There are plenty of old school diners, drug stores, shoe repair shops, and grocery stores that keep Inner Sunset authentic. Expect to be satiated; diverse food options range from sushi to pizza, shawarmas to burritos, pub grub, and classic donuts. The neighborhood is family-friendly with many reputable elementary and high schools; young children are as visible as the UCSF crowd in scrubs. 

 Arizmendi Bakery

The Arizmendi Bakery Co-op is a gem, and lines form early in the day for the delicious pastries, bread, and famous pizza. You can purchase dough if you get there early – it makes for a genuinely superior crust. 

Golden Gate Heights: Panoramic views of San Francisco and its environs are rewarding for those who make the trek up the two peaks of Golden Gate Heights, named Grand View Park and Sunset Heights Park. 

A Colorful Climb: Inner Sunset has some of the best mosaic staircases in San Francisco. As colorful works of art, the 16th Avenue tiled steps, Hidden Garden Steps, and Mosaic Stairway provide unique photo ops that are sure to earn you a few likes.  


Whether you take a walk around Stow Lake, hike up the tiled 16th Avenue steps, grab a slice at Arizmendi Bakery, or hit a trail through the eucalyptus-forest of Mount Sutro – Inner Sunset is a spectacular place to call home.

Food & Beverage

  • Ebisu

  • Arzimendi Bakery

  • Hometown Creamery

  • San Tung


Parks & Recreation

  • Stow Lake/Golden Gate Park

  • Golden Gate Heights

  • Mount Sutro

  • Ocean Beach


Nearby Communities

  • Cole Valley

  • Outer Sunset

  • Corona Heights

  • Eureka Valley

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1235 5th Ave | Buyer Rep, San Francisco Photo

Sold: Inner Sunset

Sophisticated Single-Family

1734 18th Avenue, San Francisco Photo

Sold: Inner Sunset

Remodeled 1940's Single Family Home

1517 6th Avenue, San Francisco Photo

Sold: Inner Sunset

Spacious & Elegant 2-Level Condo


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